Injection packer D18C

Appropriate for boreholes with Ø 18mm, suitable for:


Cement grout

PU/Epoxy injection

Crack injection

Tech. data

Dimensions Ø 27 mm x 107 mm
Borehole Ø 18 mm(± 1,5) X 88 mm
Passage Ø 8 mm
Material PE-HD
Valve no Valve
Coupling Quick-release coupling 7,2mm, Mixing-tip (e.g. Sulzer® Mixpac™), Flathead (conjunction with ES-D)
Sealing 7 fins, progressiv

Suitable for:

  • GEL-Injection
  • Epoxy-based sealers
  • Polyurethane-based sealers
  • Cement grout


  • Cavity filling
  • Concrete haze injection
  • GEL-Injection
  • Crack repair


The D18C is designed with its quick connector for use with low pressure pumps. By omitting a valve is the outlet with 8mm downright huge and suitable for filling in large quantities or mineral grout with coarse grit, making the D18C the first choice for filling cavities in the ground or behind walls (basement / tunnel). The huge outlet with free flow avoids a segregation of the material

The enlarged eighth plate (used with a setting mounting tool) helps to ensure that the packer is not seated too far into the wall, so the clutch is always reachable.

Our single use injectors negate the need for cleaning or removal like traditional steel packers. After application, the packer remains in the wall and can be cut off flush to the wall. The free-running ball valve ensures a secure closure, provided a backpressure of at least 3 bars is present. In low-pressure applications (less than 3 bars), the ball-closure may not close in this case, caps are available (Kappe/C).

Our products can be used in construction projects great and small. Used correctly they are the best injectors available on the market and are the first choice of construction experts. We do not make any claims as to the maximum back-pressure our products can withstand. You, as construction professionals can judge the conditions present in your own projects and use our products accordingly.

To avoid damage of the quick-coupling clutch and to set the Packer correctly in the borehole, it is necessary to use the setting tool (ESH/C).